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G u e s t   I n f o r m a t i o n

Parties are held in a private venue in the Northside of Glasgow. The venue has 2 lounges and separate smoking area. We have 7 playrooms available; open room, fully equipped dungeon, couples & fems only room with love swing and 4 private rooms.

New guests are more than welcome to come along. You must contact us first to register an interest in attending. The parties are very friendly & relaxed and you are under no pressure to participate, No means No.

Mobile phones, cameras or any similar devices are not allowed in the public areas.

A party contribution is requested to cover running costs. Guests are welcome to bring their own alcohol. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and buffet are included in the contribution. Towels & Condoms are also provided.

On your first visit you will be asked to bring along a form of ID. Without this you will not be allowed entry. This is for the security of all guests attending. Acceptable ID are passport, driving licence or utility bill.

Dress Code for the evening is sexy little number for the ladies and smart casual or sexy little number for the guys, whatever you feel comfortable wearing. Please note, you will not be allowed entry if you are dressed overly casual. No tracksuits or jogging trousers.

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